We offer a wide variety of services and will meet customer needs in a timely and professional manner, which includes services to residential and commercial customers. We provide general pest extermination, and we often work closely with realtors to provide termite inspection reports for the buying and selling of homes. We also exterminate termites if necessary.

We provide free inspections and estimates for all types of bugs. Regardless of what type of critter you may want to get rid of, we will offer a free inspection and estimate before getting to work. This helps us communicate with you to identify your specific needs and what course of action we should take to control the pest problem.

At K&B, we utilize a variety of methods and assorted sprays to get the job done. Our 37 years of experience has allowed us to find the most effective, proven solutions to eliminating any pests. Whether it’s mice, fleas, or ants, we can deliver. Our services aren’t just limited to those common problems, either. We tackle just about anything you can imagine. If you have a problem you don’t think anyone solve, give us a call. Even if you want to try to stump us with a good one, we would love to hear from you.

Always remember, if there is something living in or around your home and not paying rent, we can take care of it!